jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009


During HANABI, Asakusa, Tokyo. 27th Juoly 2009.
Now is easy to understand the words, the landscape, the reality of a part of my soul. We need weapons to develop what´s under the first sight. Maybe language, body and eyes. Ears and spirit... Our heart (kokoro) is moving faster and happy, tasting the real flavour of sushi and smeling the breath of nature. The boom-boom sound of my heart joins with the cicada (semi) songs in summer. The hole Japan is dancing with their songs in Hiroshima´s bombs anniversary (August, 6th, 1945) while skin becomes as wet as the effort of making love with crazy passion. Wet eyes but no tears. Only emotions flourishing in colours. Nature is so brave in this country that people need to hide in their grey, white and black soft cotton. Only summer kimonos (yukata) are still lighting the bodies of natives and visitors to celebrate the tradition of Japanese past. And the fabric they are made of reflect the same flowers (hana) and beauty in the real nature.

But me... No wonder why the ego is flying away. I´m becoming part of here: clouds, mountains, water, flowers, animals, buildings, trains... People. Here It is not common to use the I (watashi) to talk about oneself, maybe because an individual is not "I" from inside, the place were words come from. Maybe here we are the delicacy of senses translated into a new substance, the same substance we are all made, doesn´t matter the country we were born, or the time, or the period of the year... In spite of the idiosincrasy of Japan. But yes, it is certainly that this substance differs from what we feel from outside, what we breath from mother nature.

So travelling, moving, knowing and sharing give us more substance. And the more we have the more part of nature we are (naturally the soft and beauty nature). Only species that can´t understand, become or maintain aggressiveness. But yes, I am flying again from flor to flor. My wings are shinning now. It is supposed I should explain everything that I see for you to evaluate what´s on here appart from my essence, but I am sorry, I can´t. You must feel by yourself (to understand our nature). Come and see the beauty of this country, the softeness over the war, the marvellous and superb nature over destruction. If you see inside things it is easy to forget about bombs; indeed it is possible to create armony from ashes and hate. It is not only possible, is one of the best ways: to forgive and try to forget. Once you know horror the only thing you want is to do everything good and nicely because it is our essence and because, above all, it is the best way to understand this gift.

Yukata bow. During Tokyo summer HANABI.